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The Real Estate Institute of Rhode Island as a proprietary real estate school respects your privacy.  We do not release contact information for any student or website visitor unless authorized by such student or web site visitor.  We do allow reviews on our site where the person(s) submitting a review allows only such information as desired, we respect all privacy requests.  If there is any question as to a privacy release or potential for such a release, please contact us and we will immediately address the situation and respond accordingly.  

To the extent that we refer to outside links beyond our website, please refer to the appropriate URL for any other privacy policy.  If there is any concern about your privacy, we will be happy to notify any such third party upon notice. We do appreciate any reviews, testimonials or feedback so please let us know any information you prefer to be public or private.  

Any privacy concerns please contact our Director at 401-943-8500 or Info@InstituteRI.com

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Real Estate Institute of RI Student Privacy

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