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Students must have already passed their exam

 As part of our schools promise  to help you succeed in starting your real estate business we provide at no cost career guidance and placement counseling.  Making the right choice about who to join requires knowing what questions to ask, our counselor will assist you in finding and selecting the right company to join based on your career goals and needs.  Students from any school who have passed their state exam as well as currently licensed agents looking to make a change can arrange a no cost one on one meeting with our expert counselor. 

  • Learn what training you should be looking for as a brand new licensee and why this one decision is your most important​.

  • Learn about compensation, affiliation fees and other costs to join a brokerage and how to choose the best model starting out. 

  • Learn the 3 most important questions to ask a brokerage to learn if they have the right resources and support to help you start your real estate career. 

  • Learn what every agent must do to have success in real estate regardless of the company they join.

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All Career meetings are 60 minutes and are held virtually.

Real Estate career guidance and job placement

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