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  1. Cameras must be on at ALL times during instruction ( Class Audit Exempt)

  2. You must have a working microphone 

  3. You must be in a private setting with no one else present

  4. No use or talking on a phone 

  5. No driving or passenger 

  6. No walking around

  7. No distracting behavior 

  8. No lying down

  9. No Inappropriate attire or language 

  10. No babysitting

  11. No consumption of alcohol

By registering for class you hereby agree to abide by all the rules as set forth. 

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Saturday Classes​ 9:00-3:30

*When registering to audit any class please add the word "Audit" in the first name field of the registration form and you must use the email we have on file. 

State licensing rules and regulations for online real estate classes strictly prohibits any violation of the class credit policy.  If a student is found in violation they will be required to make up the entire class, no partial credit is given.

* $25.00 make up fee applies.

State of Rhode Island

Class Credit Policy

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