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Step 1 -Get your Connecticut real estate license by attending our online real estate classes

​To get your Connecticut real estate license you first just need to earn your Rhode Island real estate license. You read that correctly, because Rhode Island and Connecticut have license reciprocity upon earning your Rhode Island license you are entitled to apply for your Connecticut license. 

Step 2 -Apply for license reciprocity with Connecticut 

After you complete our Rhode Island real estate classes and pass your exam the next step is to simply apply for your Connecticut real state license. 

The State of Connecticut recognizes Rhode Island's requirements for licensure and will automatically grant you a Connecticut real estate license by virtue of having a Rhode Island license. Just like that you are now a two state licensed real estate agent for the one tuition fee and course. 


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Get your Connecticut real estate license. Real Estate classes online

Your now a licensed real estate agent in both Connecticut and Rhode Island!

It's that easy, honest! To recap, take our Rhode Island real estate pre licensing classes and upon earning your license apply for your Connecticut license. 

As another added BONUS you can also apply for your Massachusetts and Florida real estate license as well, these states also offer reciprocity with Rhode Island. 

Thats four state licenses for completing one real estate course. real estate classes online

Connecticut Real Estate License
Connecticut real estate license
Connecticut real estate license